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If I wasn't posting anime and various Homestuck fan art, then what kind of Otaku would I be?

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Have an unfinished thing


Have an unfinished thing

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WHy yes, I aM a big fan of the animey. I have seen all of the Classics like Gundom, Orange high school horse CLub; bakemonogatorade„ monica Magical. kids these days with theyre kilt Le Kilt and Attack on Tintin, they do not appreciate quality animatoin.

reblog if you still love GOOd shows like Neon Genesis evengelatin and Boku No Pico/

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| "What Is Up Dog?"


probably one of the funniest moments in game grumps history

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you dont understand. I just got me a thresh and i am going to train my butt off with my thresh.

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fanart of the masked otaku. that would be nice. my face all over my tag.

tonight. I am playing so much league.

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Make that 131….Thank you.


One of the best animated villains in the entire fucking universe.

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Happy birthday to me.

The first gift I get.

Over 130 people on skype telling me happy birthday.

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So I am just now sitting down for a long recording session of Remember Me, chugged two energy drinks and did a mic test.

Have it.

Going to go record now.

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